1.2 What is Community-Based Refugee Sponsorship?


This course aims to introduce users to community-based refugee sponsorship. It provides examples of how refugee sponsorship has developed and operates in different countries, and invites you to note that these programs can take many forms. For instance, Canada alone has several ‘streams’ for refugee sponsorship.



How Communities Sponsor Refugees



In Canada’s refugee sponsorship program, private groups of Canadian citizens or permanent residents, as well as private or charitable organizations, can sponsor refugees.   

The resettlement process generally begins with UNHCR identifying refugees in need of resettlement and referring them to a Canadian visa office. Sponsorship groups can also identify individuals outside of Canada that they wish to sponsor. In both cases, a Canadian visa officer determines whether those individuals are refugees whose only available durable solution is resettlement to Canada. 

Upon arrival in Canada, sponsored refugees become permanent residents, and sponsorship groups generally provide 12 months of financial and social support to the refugee newcomers to work toward their self-sufficiency. 

Source: GRSI YouTube: ‘Sponsoring Refugees: What to Expect’



How Communities Sponsor Refugees



Sponsorship groups are matched with a refugee family from the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Programme and support them from arrival in the UK. This includes: meeting the family at the airport, providing a warm welcome and orientation, arranging housing, supporting access to medical and social services, organising language tuition, and support towards employment and self-sufficiency.

Source: RESET, UK ‘Community Sponsorship

Source: RESET, UK YouTube ‘Community Sponsorship in the UK



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