1.4 Who Can Sponsor Refugees?







Who can be a sponsor?

Your eligibility to become part of sponsorship group, or to sponsor refugees generally varies from country to country. For example, in some programs a person can sponsor if they have a minimum number of group members, raise a certain amount of funds, and/or provide settlement services such as housing. 

To find out exactly what you need to sponsor in your context, contact government for application and eligibility requirements.
See the links to government programs and support organizations here.

Not a refugee sponsorship expert? Perfect.
In most countries, you do not need previous experience in sponsorship or supporting refugees, or with other marginalized groups, to get involved. You likely already have a variety of transferable skills that will be valuable to this experience. As long as you are willing to put in the effort and keep an open mind, you can do this!

Willing to prepare as much as you can? Perfect.
It is useful to prepare yourself as much as possible and have ongoing communication with your sponsorship group members. Online learning resources like this one provide useful resources for you to learn about the experience, plan, and to seek advice on a variety of sponsorship topics.

Thinking that you have a lot to learn? Still perfect.
Your sponsorship group is not expected to solve every problem that the refugee newcomers may encounter. Your role is to help identify the problem, provide guidance in navigating it, and connect the newcomers with the relevant people or services for support.



Check In: Skills for Sponsorship


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