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Being a part of a sponsorship group involves working together to support the refugee newcomers in their adjustment to the new country. In addition to, or instead of this, depending on your availability and interest, there are activities that sponsorship groups and others in their communities that are not officially part of a group do; this sometimes includes volunteering for a specific task as needs arise (e.g. moving day), contributing financially, and promoting refugee sponsorship.

For more specific resources on getting involved in your own community, visit the website for that country’s program below. More details about group formation: Forming a Group

Country-Specific Resources

Contact a local organization supporting community-based refugee sponsorship or the government for more information. A few places to start include:

Red Argentina de Apoyo al Patrocinio Comunitario de Personas Refugiadas

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, Government of Canada
Refugee Sponsorship Training Program (RSTP)

NesT launch

Office for the Promotion of Migrant Integration
Nasc Migrant & Refugee Rights Organization

New Zealand
Immigration, New Zealand Government
Amnesty International New Zealand

Euskadi press release

United Kingdom
Home Office
Sponsor Refugees


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